Sweden dominates men's relay for Olympic gold

16 February 2014 12:53
Marcus Hellner SWE
Marcus Hellner SWE -

KRASNAYA POLYANA - Sweden won the men's relay in cross country at Laura Cross Country Ski and Biathlon Centre on Sunday, a day after it took gold in the women's relay.

Sweden replicated the success of its women's team on Saturday by winning the men's 4x10km relay at Laura cross country course on Sunday, thereby successfully defending its title from the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

Marcus HELLNER (SWE), holding aloft the Swedish flag, led them to victory in one hour 28 minutes and 42 seconds, 27.3 seconds ahead of Russia, who took the silver largely thanks to a tremendous third leg from Alexander LEGKOV (RUS). France won bronze.

Sweden moves into double figures in the cross country table, two medals ahead of its rivals Norway, although the latter has three gold medals to Sweden's two.


  • Sweden became the first NOC in 42 years to win both the men's and women's relay events at a single Olympic Winter Games in cross country.
  • In 1972 Soviet Union and in 1968 Norway also achieved this feat.
  • Sweden won back-to-back men's relays in cross country for the second time at the Olympic Winter Games following 1984 and 1988.
  • Marcus HELLNER (SWE), Johan OLSSON (SWE) and Daniel RICHARDSSON (SWE) all equalled the record of winning two gold medals in the men's relay.
  • HELLNER won his third Olympic gold medal. Only three compatriot have won more. Sixten JERNBERG (SWE), Gunde SVAN (SWE) and Thomas WASSBERG (SWE) all won four gold medals in cross country skiing.
  • France took bronze. This was France's 100th medal in the history of the Olympic Winter Games. It was France's second Olympic medal in cross country, following Roddy DARRAGON's (FRA) silver medal in the men's sprint in 2006.

RESULTS - Men's top 5

1. SWEDEN 1:28:42.0
NELSON Lars 23:16.5
RICHARDSSON Daniel 22:59.6
OLSSON Johan 21:00.4
HELLNER Marcus 1985 21:25.5

2. RUSSIA +27.3
JAPAROV Dmitriy 23:43.8
BESSMERTNYKH Alexander 23:13.6
LEGKOV Alexander 20:33.4
VYLEGZHANIN Maxim 21:38.5

3. FRANCE +31.9
GAILLARD Jean Marc 23:26.1
MANIFICAT Maurice 23:13.6
DUVILLARD Robin 20:55.4

4. NORWAY +1:09.7
ROENNING Eldar 23:42.8
JESPERSEN Chris Andre 23:36.1
SUNDBY Martin Johnsrud 20:56.8
NORTHUG Petter jr. 21:36.0

5. ITALY +1:22.7
NOECKLER Dietmar 23:41.5
DI CENTA Giorgio 23:16.3
CLARA Roland 21:00.4
HOFER David 22:06.5

Complete results are available HERE