Sweden or Norway? War of nerves has started.

18 January 2010 12:53

Emil won the sprint meeting in Otepää - war of nerves has started 

"I'm the fastest now and I will be better at the Olympics "said Emil Jönsson after victory in Otepää.
" Next time we meet in Vancouver and I will win" said Ola Vigen Hattestad.
The Norwegian champion in the sprint was defeated by Emil but he promises revenge in Vancouver - nerve war has started.

After Emil won the qualification in Otepää they met already in the quarterfinals and were together in the finals. The Swede won all the duels. 

"My tactic was to stay behind Emil it was a good tactic "explained Vigen Hattestad, but he was unable overtake Jönsson.
"It's an incredibly long track here and wind gusts made it heavy" commented Emil his race. He also believes this was a good test for the Olympics.
"I believe that those who were here will fight in Vancouver too. Personally, I do not think Petter Northug will go the classic sprint, said Sunday's winner, who was also happy to fight against Hattestad, the Norwegian superstar in a sprint finish.
"Last meters to the finish Line in Whistler are different. There is a curve in the stadium and therefore it is not so important to be first all the way, as it was here in Otepää" analyzed Jönsson.


Emil Jönsson was really struggling to keep Ola Vigen Hattestad behind him, while Russian Nikita Kriukov came from behind and tried to squeeze himself between the two.
But there was no doubt that Emil was first across the line. Who will claim victory in Vancouver in Sprint Classic? When we take a look at results from Pre-Olympics World Cup we find out that Emil Jönsson finished first, Ola Vigen Hattestad second and Josef Wenzl (GER) third. Nikita Kriukov was also there taking fourth place. 5th was Renato Pasini. Josef Wenzl has not had hi best season so far and he still searching for Olympic shape. He took 7th place in German Championships in Sprint 1.4 km Free technique. Pasini was ranked 12th in Sprint F in Prague, however, his performance in Sprint Classic in Oberhof was far away from podium places as he took 49th place.

Exciting finals 


The Olympic Sprint Classic Men is scheduled on February 17th, 2010 

Contributed by: Kjell-Erik Kristiansen. Original article HERE.