Sweden on top in Tour de Ski stage 2 sprints

29 December 2013 16:15
Halfvarsson and Erikson (SWE)
Halfvarsson and Erikson (SWE) -

Sweden landed  on top of the podium in both men's and ladies' sprints in Oberhof. Hanna Erikson and Calle Halfvarsson were the winners of the 1.5 km free technique sprint. For both, it is their first World Cup victories. Marit Bjørgen (NOR) remains the Tour leader, as does Alex Harvey (CAN). 

Bjørgen also retained the sprint leaders bib for the Tour as well.  With his victory today, Halfvarsson is now the sprint leader for men.  

For the Tour, tomorrow will be a rest day as team's travel to Lenzerheide (SUI) for Stages 3 and 4 that will begin December 31 and January 1.  

  • First win for Hanna Erikson (SWE) and Calle Halfvarsson (SWE)
  • Best ever sprint result for Martin Johnsrud Sundby
  • Alex Harvey (CAN) and Marit Bjørgen (NOR) keep the FIS Tour de Ski leader bibs
  • Marit Bjørgen (NOR) retained the FIS Tour de Ski sprint lead as Calle Halfvarsson (SWE) took it over on the men’s side
  • Best result for Nicole Fessel (GER) since 3rd place in 7.5km C+ 7.5km F skiathlon in Sochi 2013
  • Four German skiers in ladies top 10
  • Personal best for Jens Eriksson (SWE)


Ladies' Final

1. Hanna Erikson (SWE)
2. Denise Herrmann (GER)
3. Ingvild Flugstad Oestberg (NOR)
4. Nicole Fessel (GER)
5. Marit Bjørgen (NOR)
6. Lucia Anger (GER)

Men's Final

1. Calle Halfvarsson (SWE)
2. Federico Pellegrino (ITA)
3. Martin Johnsrud Sundby (NOR)
4. Jen Eriksson (SWE)
5. Josef Wenzl (GER)
6. Petter Northug Jr. (NOR)

Complete results are HERE.

FIS Tour de Ski Overall standing ladies (total time)

1. Marit Bjørgen (NOR) 9:08.7

2. Denise Herrmann (GER) +18.7

3. Ingvild Flugstad Østberg (NOR) +25.8

FIS Tour de Ski Overall standing men (total time)

1. Alex Harvey (CAN) 11:26.1

2. Calle Halfvarsson (SWE) +20.2

3. Devon Kershaw (CAN) +21.8

FIS Tour de Ski Sprint standing ladies (total bonus seconds)

1. Marit Bjørgen (NOR) 0:37

2. Hanna Eriksson (SWE) 0:30

3. Denise Herrmann (GER) 0:27

FIS Tour de Ski Sprint standing men (total bonus seconds)

1. Calle Halfvarsson (SWE) 0:30

2. Federico Pellegrino (ITA) 0:27

3. Alex Harvey (CAN) 0:27


Marit Bjørgen (NOR) - FIS Tour de Ski overall and sprint leader

I’m happy about my performance today. In the final I did not ski so well, I fought for the third place but it did not work. It’s good I collected some bonus seconds but there are many left in the Tour. 

Hanna Eriksson (SWE) - winner of the day

It’s the first victory in my career. I felt better and better in each heat. I tried to ski tactically well, to control my position. 

Alex Harvey (CAN) - FIS Tour de Ski overall leader

I am happy with my qualification but I had a crash in the semifinal. It’s great I kept the leader’s bib after first two stages. 

Calle Halfvarsson (SWE) - winner of the day, FIS Tour de Ski sprint leader

I felt strong today and I pushed hard on the big hill each round. It’s my first victory and podium at the same time as an individual. The result is very important for my confidence for the upcoming competitions and also for the Olympics