Swedish Cross-Country men’s team is on snow in Torsby

28 June 2011 08:47

Summer weather in Torsby. Sweden’s Cross-Country team has hidden in the winter cold.

Midsummer celebrations are over. Yesterday, on Monday 27th June Sweden’s national Cross-Country team and the Team 2015 gathered in Värmland Torsby for a week training camp. And yes, there's going to be a lot of running and roller skiing too. But many of the workouts will take place in the ski tunnel, which is ready to welcome Marcus Hellner, Johan Olsson, Emil Jönsson Daniel Richardson and Co. “It’s a great bonus for us to have the chance to ski in Torsby in late June. We can carry out valuable sessions in both free and classical techniques. We can work on fine-tuning of technical elements and ski testing,” points out head coach Joakim Abrahamsson.

It has become a tradition for Sweden’s Cross-Country team to spend early summer in Torsby. “The tunnel is one reason, but it is the whole package that makes it optimal. We have excellent terrain for dry land workouts. Nice trails and hills, which add variety to our training,” explains Joakim Abrahamsson. Sweden’s ladies trained in Torsby one week before midsummer together with Team 2015. Swedish head coach Joakim Abrahamsson reports that the men's team's performance is as planned at this time of the year. “Skiers are in the training phase. Some of them are stronger than ever, for example Anders Sodergren who has been healthy and is in better shape now than at this time in past years. Daniel Rickardson is the only one who has some problems. Hurt Achilles tendon makes him unable to run. Daniel will spend a lot of time on roller skiis in early summer,” says Abrahamsson.

Joakim Abrahamsson and Arild Monsen will take their squad Sunne for roller ski race on Saturday. “It is good to have a racing element in the training and I have heard that we will have sharp competition from Norway. I feel that our athletes are hungry and very focused on the camp. All of them are driven by a desire to develop. So we have to keep the ball rolling,” smiles Joakim Abrahamsson.


Anders Södergren, Östersunds SK
Johan Olsson, Åsarna IK
Jens Eriksson, Dala Floda IF
Emil Jönsson, Årsunda IF
Teodor Peterson, Åsarna IK
Robin Bryntesson, Sollefteå SK
Marcus Hellner, Gellivare Skidallians
Daniel Richardsson, Hudiksvalls IF
Calle Halfvarsson, Falun-Borlänge SK

Team 2015 Men

Fredrik Jonsson, Hudiksvalls IF
Anton Lindblad, Östersunds SK
Patrik Johansson, IFK Skövde
Marcus Ottosson, IFK Umeå
Fredrik Karlsson, Hudiksvalls IF
Tiio Söderhielm, Åsarna IK
Martin Johansson, IFK Mora SK

Contributed by Swedish Ski Team