Swedish Olympic team to skip Lahti

04 March 2010 08:26

All Olympic athletes except Anders Södergren stay at home upcoming weekend of FIS World Cup Cros-country in Laht. For skiers like Emma Wikén, Eva Svensson and Anders Stockviks Svanebo it will be the World Cup premiere in the squad.

In the classic ski resort of Lahti Pursuit is scheduled on Saturday and relay on Sunday. FIS World Cup Cross-Country will move to Norway (Drammen and Holmenkollen) and next week will ski circus make a final move to Sweden (Stockholm and Falun).

The entire Olympic team except Anders Sodergren, with Charlotte Kalla, Britta Norgren Johansson, Anna Haag, Ida Ingemarsdotter, Magdalena Pajala, Anna Olsson, Hanna Falk, Johan Olsson, Daniel Richardsson, Emil Jönsson, Theodore Pettersson, Jesper Modin, Björn Lind and Marcus Hellner get time off from this weekend's World Cup competitions. Swedish national coaches decided to take following team


Hanna Brodin, Falun / Borlänge SK
Lisa Larsen, Sundbyberg IK
Emma Wikén, ridges NS
Eva Svensson, IFK Mora SK
Mia Eriksson, IFK Tärendö


Jens Eriksson, Dala-Floda IF
Fredrik Karlsson, Eksjö SOK
Anders Svanebo, Stockviks SF
Anders Sodergren, Östersund SK
Fredrik Jonsson, Hudiksvalls IF

Notably, all the girls on the team born in 1987 or later. Hanna Brodin and Lisa Larsen are still juniors. For Emma Wikén it will be a "real"World Cup debut while having won Scandinavian Cup races several times. The same applies to Eva Smith, who is not only a successful orienteering runner but also skier.

Contributed by Swedish Ski Association