Swiss relay donate prize money from Sunday to charity

21 December 2010 08:21

Swiss relay captured historical relay win last Sunday in La Clusaz and give the prize money for charity.

When coming to La Clusaz, France from Davos, Switzerland, Dario Cologna, Remo Fischer and Curdin Perl and their coach heard on the radio of the campaign "Every penny counts." From 13 to 18 December 2010 speakers of the radio DRS3 were collecting donations in a glass box on the Bundesplatz in Bern for children who became victims of war.

At the petrol station in Grauholz close to Bern the athletes were asked if they wanted to make a spontaneous appearance at the glass box in Bern to donate something. The athletes were immediately enthusiastic about the idea! All the skiers agreed to donate the prize money independent of the amount of the upcoming competition weekend in La Clusaz. The coaches and staff would then add their share to it as well. Coach Christian Flury commented before the beginning of the competition: "Now they have to run fast!"

All this happened before the historical success on Sunday. The Swiss team’s donation will therefore be an unexpected 12.000 CHF for the team relay victory all donated to the cause of helping children who are victims of war.