Swiss ski team announces 14 athletes for Sochi

27 January 2014 08:12
Dario Cologna
Dario Cologna -

The Swiss Olympic Committee announced on the 24th of January, 14 cross-country skiers for the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.  The team will be led for 2010 Olympic medalist Dario Cologna. 


Dario Cologna (27, Distance, Relay, Sprint, Team Sprint)
Jonas Baumann (23, distance, season)
Gianluca Cologna (23, Team Sprint)
Remo Fischer (32, distance, season)
Jovian Hediger (23 Sprint)
Martin Jäger (26 Sprint)
Jöri Kindschi (27, Sprint)
Toni Livers (30, distance, season)
Curdin Perl (29, distance, season)
Roman Schaad (20, Sprint)
Eligius Tambornino (27, Sprint)


Laurien van der Graaff (26, sprint, team sprint)
Seraina Boner (31, distance)
Bettina Gruber (28, Team Sprint)