Team Sweden works hard in Sollefteå

24 June 2014 14:32
Swedish Cross-Country team 2014/15
Swedish Cross-Country team 2014/15 -
Swedish Ski Association

Swedish Cross-Country national team trains in a full swing during the first days of summer 2014.

“We are coming step by step closer to the World Cup season and we have just begun a period of high intensity and quality of training camps,” Swedish head coach Rikard Grip said.

The road to World Championships in Falun is long and tough. Swedish started the training season one month ago in Lerdala, the region of Marcus Hellner. These days, the Swedish squad works on the hills of Hallstaberget in the heart of Ångermanland.

“Everyone got under way with training nicely and now we are ready begin with intervals in the varied landscape at Sollefteå. We have a big variety of ski slopes, roller skiing trails and long, hilly and traversed loops,” Rikard Grip revealed. The coaching staff with Grip, Mattias Persson, Mats Larsson and Johan Granath got a positive information from performance tests carried out in the Winter Sports Centre in Östersund.

“The test results left no doubts we are on the right track. We are going to optimise as much as possible different parts of athletes’ workouts. At training camps our skiers challenge each other in various ways. We can be sure we get the maximum out of our interval trainings,” Grip claimed.

A team in Sollefteå

Sofia Bleckur, IFK Mora SK
Hanna Erikson, Åsarna IK
Anna Haag, IFK Mora SK
Ida Ingemarsdotter, Åsarna IK
Charlotte Kalla, Piteå Elit
Sara Lindborg, Falun-Borlänge SK
Stina Nilsson, IFK Mora SK
Jonna Sundling, IFK Umeå
Emma Wikén, Åsarna IK


Calle Halfvarsson, Falun-Borlänge SK
Marcus Hellner, Gellivare Skidallians
Emil Jönsson, IFK Mora SK
Anton Lindblad, Sollefteå Skidor IF
Lars Nelson, Åsarna IK
Johan Olsson, Åsarna IK
Daniel Richardsson, Hudiksvalls IF
Simon Persson, IFK Umeå
Teodor Peterson, Åsarna IK