Teodor Peterson does it again and romps to victory in team sprint. UPDATED

04 December 2011 12:51
Jesper Moding and Tedor Peterson claim win in Düsseldorf
Jesper Moding and Tedor Peterson claim win in Düsseldorf -

Jesper Modin and Teodor Peterson shine in Düsseldorf and win team sprint free. Nikita Kriukov and Alexey Petukhov (Russia I) take second place. Paal Golberg and Ola Vigen Hattestad (Norway I) claim third place.

Alexey Petukhov had to feel deja vu in today's team sprint free in Düsseldorf. Again he was leading in the finishin straight but again he was beaten from behind. This time not by Ola Vigen Hattestad but by Sweden's Teodor Peterson who had more power left in the last meters.

Petukhov took over initiative right after the last hand over and was leading the way. the Russian wanted to avoid similar situation from yesterday's individual sprint and tried to create a gap. Teodor Peterson used Hattestad's tactics and was waiting for the finishing straight to make the final move.

Peterson chose the left corridor and showed tremendous power that edged out the Russian again. Ola Vigen Hattestad was attacking from behind and spurted to third place for Norway I.

Jesper Modin SWE

It was a great race. Team sprint is always a bit challenging with so many racers but it was fun here with all the spectators that cheered for us. I tried to do my best to stay out of trouble. I am very satisfied about my first ever World Cup victory.

Alexey Petuhkov RUS

In the semi final when I felt I thought after the corner that I will be first in the finish, but then I saw Josef coming and I knew something will happen. I fell down but managed to rise up quickly and cross the finish line still at 7th.

Nikita Kriukov RUS

I was a bit nervos after the semi final if we still make it to the final. I could not relax and concentrate on the race. In the final we started from behind and manage to come in one of the first position after a couple of rounds. In between I was nearly falling but I didn't and could at the end fight for the podium. It was a tough day for us but I am now happy to be on the podium

Paal Golberg NOR

It was a nice weekend for me - two podiums in two days, that is great.