Teodor Peterson won Bysprinten in Mosjoen

10 April 2011 23:17

Mosjoen hosted on Saturday 9 April famous city sprint but neither Petter Northug nor Emil Joensson won the race, It was Swedish Teodor Peterson who grabbed victory.

Sweden’s youngster won the final after a smart race where he beat Oeystein "Poelsa" Pettersen, Odd-Bjorn Hjelmeset and Renato Pasini.

Petter Northug was not in the best shape. He had a bad prologue and later finished the last in the B final. His only victory came in a super duel against Marit Björgen where he started five seconds behind and beat World Cup Queen in the final sprint.

It was "Poelsa" Pettersen who took the initiative in the finals, but both Odd-Bjorn Hjelmeset and Teodor Peterson passed him. The Swede kept ahead all the way to the finish line. Pettersen was fighting back and lost victory by only a few centimeters.

Marit Björgen was, as expected, superior in the women's class and beat Italy’s Gaia Vuerich and compatriot Mari Eide.

Results Bysprinten, Mosjoen


1) Marit Björgen, NOR
2) Gaia Vuerich, ITA
3) Mari Eide, NOR.


1) Theodore Peterson, SWE
2) Öystein Pettersen, NOR
3) Renato Pasini, ITA
4) Odd-Bjorn Hjelmeset, NOR.