The Ushuaia Loppet 2014

12 August 2014 11:48
The Ushuaia Loppet 2014
The Ushuaia Loppet 2014 -

On Friday 8 of August , the Club Andino Ushuaia organized a welcome meeting with skiers and informed the decision to postpone the competition 24 hours because of the weather alert in the local areas, the conditions of snow and the circuit were changed as a result of the strong winds and heavy rain.

Being 10:15 hours on Sunday the start of Ushuaia Loppet is concrete. Participating skiers from 11 countries and 4 of them had their passports Worldloppet, and between then was Hannes Larsson, our star competitor.

With a record of 52 participants, 38 skiers were registered to participate in the 42 km race and 14 in the promotional race of 21 km. The cross-country skiing race was held at the Circuit of The Valley of Tierra Mayor with two laps of 21 km free technique. The weather conditions with strong winds and constant snowfall made a difficult race for skiers.

The program of the International Month of skiing continues on Sunday August 17 at the Tierra Mayor Winter Resort only 20 km from Ushuaia, where traditional Marchablanca held in classic technique now in its 28th edition. The bell to start is scheduled for 11:15 hours and 600 skiers participated in the 21 km, 10 km and 3 km is expected.

Registration to participate in the 28th Marchablanca is available on and also can be performed on the headquarters of the Club Andino Ushuaia, located in J. Fadul 50, Ushuaia city.

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