The wonder of Whistler

23 February 2010 07:38

Gold and silver for Germany's team sprint duo - if the Germany's head coach had said this prediction before the race somebody would have called him a team doctor. After the winning race of Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle and Claudia Nystad and silver performance of Tim Tscharnke and Axel Teichmann Behle went to see the doctor but only share joy with him over great results.

Medal dreams come true

For them the wonder of Whistler came true. With brilliant performance Germans fulfilled their medal dreams. After the men's finals we could see tears of joy of Teichmann, native from Lobenstein. This silver marked an end of long way of Olympic bad luck for Teichmann. He was not in shape in Salt Lake City, just before Turin Teichmann stopped a hair root inflammation. And this time everything seemed that bad luck was there again. At the opening race Teichmann had troubles with equipment, then he got an infection with fever - it was heartbreaking. But Teichmann did not give up and now holds at the age of 30 the precious medal in his hands.

"Axel deserves it" says Tscharnke and Behle

His partner Tim Tscharnke said it precisely: "I have done everything to ensure that Axel is in good position so that he can sprint for a medal. If someone deserves the medal it would be Axesl" explained the 20 year old full of pride. Jochen Behle added: "If I am short, Axel deserves more than silver medal for what he has done for cross-country skiing" And he added: "We're not done yet."