Toni Livers struggling with a virus

08 February 2011 14:14

There are only fifteen days left to the kick off of the World Championships in Oslo and the Swiss Team has things to worry about. Toni Livers has caught a viral infection, which limits him in high performance.

Toni Livers has been struggling with a viral infection, which seems to be similar to Carlo Janka’s problems last year. Toni Livers withdrew from Tour de Ski in the halfway point after races in Oberstdorf. An accurate diagnosis is not available but it is certain that Livers doesn’t have glandular fever, which he suffered in 2008. “The virus is milder than glandular fever,” said Swiss team doctor Patrick Noack to SF.

Livers is especially limited in high training and competition load and in regeneration, which takes longer. As of today Livers will be at the start with the Swiss team in Drammen at the World Championships rehearsal over 15 km Classic.

Contributed by Schweizer Fernsehen,