Torstein Drivenes completes the Swiss Cross-Country team coaching staff

03 July 2014 07:09
Torstein Drivenes
Torstein Drivenes -
Swiss Ski

From the beginning of August Norway’s Torstein Drivenes is going to join the Swiss Cross-Country team as coach of the 2nd training group.

The 29-year old coach has worked last 6 years as the sports director and head coach at the Ski Club Lillehammer. Drivenes also cooperated with a private long distance team, built a development team and coached several long distance athletes such as Swiss Seraina Boner. 

“I am looking forward to the new challenge in Switzerland and I will do my best so that Swiss athletes reach their goals,” Trostein Drivenes says.

Engagement of Torstein Drivenes has completed the coaching staff of the Swiss Cross-Country team for the next season 2014/15.

Bärti Mannhart is the head coach and responsible for the training groups 2 and 3. He will supported by by newly hired coach Torstein Drivenes. Ivan Hudac is responsible for the World Cup group as Christian Flury being his assistant and World Cup team manager. Edi Zihlmann, Marco Isenschmid and Charles Pralong are responsible for the youngest Swiss Cross-Country Skiers. 

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