Training break for Perl

14 February 2011 10:03

Swiss World Championships starter Curdin Perl slipped out on a icy field while skiing in classical technique during the training camp in St. Moritz.

Afterwards he felt pain in the right hernia and went for a check up to the hospital in St. Moritz where doctors found out that a inguinal hernia was the source for the pain. It is not the first time that Curdin Perl has problems with inguinal hernia, he had already in the past surgeries on both sides.

Now the Swiss medical team will try to limit the pain with physiotherapy and medicaments towards the World Championships. It is planned that Curdin Perl will start his training after a five day's break in the middle of this week and continue with the preparation for Oslo. "Curdin Perl has a very good training base that this five days break is not coming untimely. When the pain has decreased, Curdin will go recovered into the World Championships," said Guri Hetland, coach of the Swiss Team.

Contributed by Swiss Ski