U23 gold in skiathlon for Adrien Backscheider (FRA) - UPDATED

01 February 2014 12:56
U23 Men 15 km C + 15 km F Skiathlon
U23 Men 15 km C + 15 km F Skiathlon -

France celebrates double victory in today's 15 km C + 15 km F skiathlon at the FIS U23 Nordic World Ski Championships in Val di Fiemme. 

Adrien Backscheider out sprinted with a last lunge teammate Damien Tarantola and wins gold medal. Tarantola takes silver by +0.1 sec. Daniel Stock (NOR) captured bronze.

The classic part of the race was evenly balanced with the Italians De Fabiani, Salvadori and Rastelli in amongst the front group. After changing to skating Norwegians, Germans, Italians, Frenchmen and Russians took turns sharing the lead up until the last 5km, when the Frenchman Backscheider started to stretch the field. But he was challenged first by Armenian Mikayelyan, then the Norwegian Nyenget and then a vicious burst by his fellow countryman, Stock. In the last lap both Nyenget and the Russian Vichuzhanin (second up until the last 300 metres) fell and paved the way for the two Frenchmen to come through and grab the gold and the silver.

U23 Men's Skiathlon 15/15 km C/F



Today we proved that France has a great team and really good equipment. I am satisfied with my performance throughout the competition and I had very good skis. We have been training a lot for these Championships and we showed what we are capable of. In addition to these two medals, we have to add the one won in the cross-country sprint. I think that bringing home these 3 medals for cross-country skiing is really amazing.


Today’s silver medal is simply amazing both for me and the whole French team. The weather conditions were pretty bad and the race got harder and harder due to the rain. Nevertheless, I never gave up and I did my best, the resulting silver medal is awesome. France won both the gold and the silver medal, and I think this is fantastic. I’m really proud of our achievements.

Daniel STOCK (NOR)

I am very happy, I am so stoked. I don’t know what to say. It was an easy race for me and I had really good skis and my shape is the best shape I’ve ever had. There was no specific challenging part in the race and it was not that difficult with the weather conditions, I also had fast skis. The Norwegian team always has very good skis. During the race I don’t’ think that much but sometimes I just try to think that I am better than the others. I dedicate this medal to my girlfriend.


1. Adrien Backscheider (FRA) 1:24:27.9
2. Damien Tarantola (FRA) +0.1
3. Daniel Stock (NOR) +6.3
4. Mathias Rundgreen (NOR) +18.6
5. Sindre Bjørnestad Skar (NOR) +23.2
6. Martin Løwstrøm Nyenget (NOR) +24.6
7. Kirill Vichuzanin (RUS) +35.0
8. Francesco De Fabiani (ITA) +38.9
9. Sergey Mikayelyan (ARM) +39.5
10. Alexis Jeannerod (FRA) +44.1

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Men's Skiathlon 15/15 km C/F