Vacation time is over for Maurice Manificat

13 May 2013 09:00
Maurice Manificat
Maurice Manificat -

French Cross-Country skier number one Maurice Manificat returns to training after the well reserved rest after the end of the season.

"I spent a week with my girlfriend in Vaucluse. It is a great area, we visited villages, castles, chapels, museums, ancient ruins, and so on. It is an example of the rich French heritage. I took the opportunity to make my first biking climb from Malaucène to Mont Ventoux," Manificat writes on his blog.

Winter 2012/13 did not go as planned for Manificat. Everything started very well with a podium and victory in Kuusamo (FIN) and Canmore (CAN). Right before departing from Canada to Europe, Manificat injured himself and could not take part in FIS Tour de Ski and get ready properly for the World Championships in Val di Fiemme. The health problems continued after the World Championships and Manificat did not ski the World Cup since then.

"The end of the season was difficult. I did not have fun on skis. Until the end of April I made a very good physical and mental break," Manificat explains.

In these days Manificat is kicking off preparation for the next winter. "I started with some jogging, cycling and strength training. I am also working on my biology studies. It is not easy to combine it but I do not put much pressure on myself. I am having fun," Manificat concludes.

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