Valentina Shevchenko trains in Oberhof rain

10 August 2011 05:59

Valentina Shevchenko is using the perfect infrastructure in Oberhof and works hard to start well prepared in the upcoming winter season.

After one week of hard training, lots of hours and sunny weather in Otepää, Valentina changed here training location to Oberhof in Germany.

Typical “Oberhof” rain and autumnal cold weather were waiting for Valentina and here Austrian Team Skinfit Racing.

“As you see, it’s the total difference to the sunny weather in Otepää, but we’re well prepared and have planned to visit the ski tunnel for some skiing hours” says Valentina.

The Skitunnel in Oberhof offers great condition for summer skiing in constant snow conditions which make high quality training possible.

After Oberhof she will go back to Otepää for one more week of training before she will visit Austria for another camp together with her team.

Contributed by Skinfit Racing