Vegard’s blog: Good luck in Sochi

28 January 2014 22:17
Vegard Ulvang
Vegard Ulvang -

Four years has passed since the last Olympic events in Whistler, Vancouver. The ancient Greeks called this four year period between every Olympic games for an Olympiade. Maybe that’s the `simple secret why an Olympic gold medal is the most prestigious one an athlete can win. If you miss out, it is a long four year period until your next chance and most athletes don’t get more than two or three opportunties in their career. That is why there are so much tension and excitement in the air these pre-Olympic days.

From time to time this two to three weeks rest period before the Olympics when winter is at its best in Europe, are being questioned. I do think it is gives us a positive outcome. Endurance athletes need to prepare, especially when the competition site is at high altitude. Some time away from the TV screen might be good, and it gives us the same unpredictable view on who is in best shape as we have at the beginning of the season. Can those who failed first part of the season kick back and can those who won in December keep up their good shape? Can Cologna come back after his injury and is Kowlalczyk still so strong in classic technique?

Everything is ready in Sochi. A totally new arena has been constructed from scratch on top of a hill just a few miles from the coastline of the Black sea. Very demanding and compact courses in altitudes between 1600 and 1700 meters are waiting for the athletes to arrive. It has been a great challenge for our homologation inspectors to make both the  CC and Biathlon courses in such a tiny and steep area, but the result has become very good. I am sure all the sport facilities will give us the best possible frame for fantastic Olympic competitions.

 I really look forward to welcome everyone to the Cross-Country venue in Krasnaya Polyana, and I am just as excited and curious as everyone else on who will go home with the medals.

And in writing moment our best juniors and U 23 racers are fighting for their medals in last year’s Championships courses in Val de Fiemme. I am really happy that we can offer our future heroes the best possible conditions at our most experienced organizer.

Good Luck everyone,


Vegard Ulvang