Ville Nousiainen (FIN) kicks off spring preparation

19 May 2010 07:55

I started new training season about 1,5 weeks ago. I've started with easy running and biking sessions. I also went once to rollerskiing already, it wasn't that good yet but luckily there is still some time before winter.

Now I must try to avoid mistakes I made last summer: concentrate on doing slow trainings slow enough and hard trainings hard enough. My coach and I made a decision to skip some very high-intensity trainings in the beginning of the season, they are not so important for me at that time of the season. I also skip the first training camp in Sognefjället because we'll going to build up our new house at that time. I think that skipping the camp is only a good thing because now I can concentrate on training well at home, I will have lot of opportunities to ski on snow before winter anyway. I've made new contracts with Peltonen (skis) and ISC (clothes), I've been very satisfied with the products and the companies. Now there's time to training couple of months before the new competition season! :)

Contributed by Ville Nousiainen, original article HERE.