"I was overwhelmed by birth of my son and Olympic medal"

07 September 2010 09:44

Alexey Petukhov started his pursuit for Olympic medal in 2008 when he captured first World Cup podium place in Düsseldorf. One month later he claimed second place in Rybinsk. Last season he celebrated in Düsseldorf a double when he won both team sprint and individual sprint. No doubts, that Petukhov belongs to most talented sprinters. Fiscrosscountry.com is happy to bring exclusive interview done by skirun.ru, translated by Maya Guseynova.

Q: Last winter you had 2 great moments in your life - birth of your first son and Olympic medal. What is more important for you?

Alexey Petukhov: First came my son then my Olympic medal. Each event was very important for me. My son helped me in the Olympic Games and my medal gave more joy to my father's feelings. I can't even separate one from another. And combined effect was overwhelming.

Q: Now you're training in the team that in one month became the strongest sprint team in the world. Do you feel that you guys now are the best ski sprinters in the world?

AP: You know, basically the team is the same as it was before our Olympic medals. We understand that our status as athletes grew higher, status of our coach (Yury Kaminskiy) grew as well. But we're trying to play it down and even to behave more humble than before to show that we're just simple guys ☺. And I feel that it should be like that. But while competing now we know that we're athletes who can beat everyone, any skiers from Norway, Sweden, from anywhere. Medals gave us tremendous confidence in ourselves and we'll compete with different attitude now.

Q: Additionally to your Olympic medal you finished third in Sprint World Cup and were pretty close to 2nd place. Wasn't it a little frustrating and have you got intention to go higher in coming season?

AP:  I've got 2 medals from Sprint Cup - for 6th place and for 3rd place. Last season the main goal was the Olympic Games and I didn't even concentrated on my Sprint Cup ranking. But by the end of season calculating my chances I've got some disappointment because I could be higher in the final table. Now my coach is telling me that it is possible to move upper. But you saw even by yourself how difficult my progress and how much I'm getting scolding at the each training and how thoroughly we examine our training, especially my technique. But any way I hope that my Sprint medals will stay in the past and I'll get small crystal globe instead.

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