World Cup attention turns to Toblach

16 December 2015 11:19
Therese Johaug NOR Toblach 2014
Therese Johaug NOR Toblach 2014 -

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The World Cup stages in Ruka, Lillehammer and Davos are history - now the focus of the international cross-country skiing circus focuses solely on Toblach. In the idyllic 3,400-strong community in the Hochpustertal, the World Cup makes a stop on Saturday and Sunday.  A sprint competition in free technique Saturday, and on Sunday a 10/15 km classic interval start competition. 

On Saturday morning, sprint qualifications begin at 10:05 for the ladies followed by the men.  The finals begin at 12:35. There will be a great deal of attention on the men's sprint competition due to the participation of Italy's Federico Pellegrino. With his sensational sprint victory last weekend in Davos. 

The Italian squad for Saturday is Francesco De Fabiani, Simone Urbani, Francois Vierin, Enrico Nizzi, Fabio Pasini, Sergio Rigoni, Maicol Rastelli, Mirco Bertolina and Emanuele Becchis among men and Lucia Scardoni, Gaia Vuerich, Greta Laurent, Ilaria Debertolis Alice Canclini, Elisa Brocard and Deborah Roncari for the ladies. 

Sunday the men begin at 11:15 CET in the 15 km C, while the ladies go at 13:30 in the 10km.  

On the start line for Italy on Sunday will be  Roland Clara, Dietmar Nöckler, Giorgio Di Centa, Francsco De Fabiani, Federico Pellegrino, Maicol Rastelli, Mattia Pellegrin, Fabio Pasini, Ennrico Nizzi, Luca Orlandi, Paolo Fanton, Fabio Clementi, Fulvio Scola and Sergio Rigoni.

For the ladies it will be Lucia Scardoni, Virginia De Martin Topranin, Ilaria Debertolis, Francesca Baudin, Elisa Brocard, Deborah Roncari and Sara Pellegrini.

Competition Schedule (CET) 

Saturday, December 19 2015
10:05 - Qualifications Sprint free Ladies and Men 
12:35 - Final Sprint free Ladies and Men 

Sunday, December 20, 2015
11:15 - 15 km Classic
13.30 - 10 km Classic