I would like to be in German relay in Oslo

21 October 2010 08:43

The Wonder of Whistler - that is the headline German media named suprsiing silver medal if the German sprint team with Tim Tscharnke and Axel Teichmann. FIScrosscountry.com media partner XC-Ski.de had shooting star of German Cross-Country skiing on interview in Ramsau.

XC-Ski.de: Tim, a successful season is behind you. How was your summer? Did you have many dates or did your training work out as planned?

Tim Tscharnke: Compared to last year, it was much more dates. My health was quite well. Nothing "big" happened to me, except the summer tests, before that I trained very intensive with less rest. I payed my price for that and rested afterwards. So it went quite well after that.

XC-Ski.de: The second tests this year were a complete success for you with three victories. How do you think about it? Beating Dusan Kozisek (CZE) in sprint is not bad, is it?

Tim Tscharnke: Yes, he is neither bad nor unknown. Tests on the treatmill were also good and we did them right out of training. I was a little bit surprised how well it went for me. I focused a little bit on the sprint and it went well. But this won't screw my expectations to a higher level.

XC-Ski.de: Where will be your main focus next season? Sprint or distance?

Tim Tscharnke: We are in a distance training group, yet I try not to forfeit my sprint-qualities and take a little bit better places than last year. But I try to confirm allrounder-qualities.

XC-Ski.de: Let's assume, that you qualify for the World Championships. What would be a goal for you there?

Tim Tscharnke: A goal would be to run in the German relay with all those top-athletes.

XC-Ski.de: At the moment, you are here on the Dachstein glacier preparing for the next season. What do you think about training here, do you like training on a glacier?

Tim Tscharnke: First of all it is a variety to the ski tunnel. You don't have to ski on a 1,8 kilometer loop, which gets boring quickly. You also meet one or another well known cross-country skiers here and you can see what they are doing at the moment. So glacier training is important, but I don't do something totally different. I just run calm in this high altitude and stay with basic endurance.

XC-Ski.de: So we talked about the World Championships already, but not about the whole season. Do you have specials goals, highlights where you focus on? Maybe Tour de Ski?

Tim Tscharnke: Tour de ski of course, especially the races in Oberhof infront of home crowd. But it is also desirable to take a place in the top spots at the two distance races at the U23 World Championships.