Cassie Sharpe

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  • The Sharpe family seems to have a knack for producing winter sport athletes. Cassie Sharpe has been on a rocket ship to superstardom since joining the Canadian National Halfpipe Team in 2014.

    The seeds were planted from a young age for Cassie and her two brothers, Darcy and Doug, who would go skiing at Mount Washington where her dad worked. Although her brothers would choose snowboard, Cassie would fall in love with skiing and would eventually find herself in the halfpipe. 

    In 2015, a unique sight happened at the FIS World Championships when both Cassie and Darcy won silver medals in their respective disciples – Darcy in Big Air and Cassie in the pipe.

    Relatively unknown at the time, the silver medal was Cassie’s announcement to the world that she was ready to compete with the best. Since then, Cassie has added more to her repertoire of tricks, including a cork nine and being the first woman to ever use it in competition.

    In 2016, Cassie won her first X Games gold medal in Oslo following in the footsteps of great Canadian women like the iconic Sarah Burke. 

    And now she is on a winning streak again. Straight from big victory in March at the World Cup grand finale in Tignes to another top spot in Cardrona earlier this summer, the Canadian pipe rider has kicked off the 2017/2018 season in style.

    Spinning both ways and linking tricks throughout her run, Sharpe’s combination of flairs, stylish 900s, and a groundbreaking switch corked 720 has without a doubt what it takes to put her among favorites to win the Olympic gold in PyeongChang.

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