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  • Hailing from the skiing not-so-hotbed of Pittsburgh, slopestyle genius Tom Wallisch has had to work hard to rise from the gentle hills of Pennsylvania to the top of the Freestyle world.

    While his experience in making the most out of whatever terrain was available in his home state shaped the inventive, unpredictable skier he would become, it was a move to Park City to attend the University of Utah that set Tom on the road to international fame.

    Filming and editing his own video parts and self-releasing them on the internet, Tom set about building a vast and widespread online following through what is really the best kind of marketing - undeniably brilliant skiing.

    Soon major ski film companies came calling, and Tom found himself in the freeskiing fast lane, traveling the world on the company dime, camera crew in tow, and for several seasons he spent his life doing just that. 

    Soon, however, a new challenge came calling. While he still films as much as possible, Tom has gradually become a fixture on the competitive circuit, and has found himself no less successful in front of judges than he did in front of the camera lens. With two X-Games gold medals, two AFP overall titles, a win in his first ever FIS Freestyle World Cup event, and the gold medal at the 2013 FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships in Voss, NOR, Wallisch has proven himself capable of domination in any venue he sees fit.

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