Sci Club F.A.B. Snow Eagle c/o Consorzio Turistico Sondrio e Valmalenco Loc. Vassalini 23023 Chiesa in Valmalenco
  • The jewel of northern Italy and one of the great metropolises of Europe, there's little to be said about Milan that has not already been stated. From fashion to commerce, history to gastronomy, glittering skyscrapers to towering cathedrals, and so much more in between, the city of more than 4 million people offers something for nearly everyone, drawing visitors year round from the world over. 

    However, one thing notably missing from the Milanese landscape up until this point has been the sight of freestyle skiers, 10 or so metres up in the air, bringing around and setting down a dizzying array of almost unfathomably difficult tricks. No, before 2016/17 one would have to travel several hours outside of the city's limits to get a taste of some fine freeskiing action, should one have so desired it. 

    Realizing this problem, this season FIS Freestyle came up with some ideas for a solution. Like, why not build a giant scaffold - in-run, jump, tabletop, and landing - cover it with snow, illuminate it with lights, and put it within Milano's city limits? And, once this scaffold has been built, why not invite the world's best freeskiers to come spend some time hitting this jump and showing off their talents? And, with the facility in place and the best skiers on hand to ride it, why not invite the people of the city of Milan on down to witness history in the making at the first-ever FIS Freestyle nighttime city big air World Cup competition?

    So, that's what we've done, and it's all going down on November 11, 2016. 

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