Andreas Isoz steps back

02 May 2014 10:50
The time of competitions is over for Andreas Isoz
The time of competitions is over for Andreas Isoz -
Mike Ridewood

Just a few days after fellow countryman Renato Ulrich announced his retirement, also Andreas Isoz, another member of the Swiss Aerials team made his demission public.

However, the 30-year-old Mettmenstetten native will keep himself involved with the sport he competed in over the past 14 years with such a great passion.

Back in 2000, Isoz celebrated his World Cup debut in Livigno, six years later, he took over the role of the CEO of the Jumpin Mettmenstetten, the heart of the Swiss Aerials scene.

While he will keep on helping at the Jumpin Mettmenstetten, his long-year sponsor Steakhouse also gave him the chance to develop further occupationally. “It's time for something new,” he said, although my whole life, at least the last 18 years, were fully dedicated to Aerials.”

“It wasn't an easy decision but I had to take it.”

Isoz competed in 74 World Cup competitions and represented his home country at four World Championships with rank five at the 2007 WCSh in Madonna di Campiglio as best result.

In addition, he participated at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games (rank 14).

Although he never placed on the podium, he has numerous memorable moments such as the 2009 World Championships in Japan where “I became the first ever Swiss to land the 'hurricane' – a trick consisting of three flips and five rotations.”