Lassila leads way for Australia, Lui takes win and yellow bib

15 January 2014 16:02
Val St. Come men's and ladies' top threes
Val St. Come men's and ladies' top threes -

VAL SAINT-COME, CAN – On an unseasonably warm, overcast day, the FIS Freestyle aerials tour made its way one step closer to the end of the Olympic qualification period with World Cup competition from the Canadian freestyle proving ground of Val Saint-Come.

It was a big day for Australia in the ladies' event, with Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games gold medal winner Lydia Lassila registering her first World Cup win in four years with a near-perfect performance in slow, sticky conditions. Lassila's back full, full, full was the only triple jump thrown in the ladies' superfinal, and with her clean landing she ensured the competition was far out of reach for her less-ambitious competitors.

Lassila was followed up by Li Nina (CHN) and Zhang Xin (CHN), both of whom completed clean jumps with a lower degree of difficulty than Lassila's, Li with a back double full, full, and Zhang with a back full double full. Rounding out the superfinal in 4th place was Samantha Wells (AUS), with her best career result helping make for the best aerials day for the Austtralian team so far this season.

Zhang remains atop the ladies' aerials World Cup leader board with Tuesday's performance.

The men's competition was won by Vancouver 2010 Olympic bronze medallist Liu Zhongqing (CHN), for his second victory of the season. Liu's back full, full, double full was the most difficult jump attempted in difficult conditions at the superfinal, and though his landing wasn't perfect it was enough to put give him his second win of the 2013-14 season.

Liu was followed up by 18-year-old Marc Bohonnon (USA), in a the first podium performance of his career. While Bohonnon was performing the easiest jump of the superfinals with a back lay, full, full, but he pulled it off almost flawlessly, and was rewarded accordingly. David Morris (AUS) kept the good results coming for the Aussies with a 3rd place finish earned with back lay, double full, full, with a small mistake in his landing. Christopher Lambert (SUI) rounded out the men's superfinal.

With his win, Liu takes over top place on the World Cup aerials leader board.

Up next for the aerials World Cup in Lake Placid, USA, where the highest-flying men and ladies' in skiing will compete in the final event before competition breaks ahead of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

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