Olympic Champion Lydia Lassila in interview

04 September 2014 08:25
Lydia Lassila celebrating bronze in Sochi
Lydia Lassila celebrating bronze in Sochi -
GEPA Pictures

With an Olympic gold, Olympic bronze, a World Cup title and more than 30 World Cup podiums to her belt, Lydia Lassila is one of the most successful athletes in Australia.

Find out more about her life and plans for the future.

What is your biggest sporting achievement in your career for you personally?
Olympic gold and bronze have definitely been a highlight. When I look back at my Olympic experiences now, I can appreciate what I’ve achieved even more because it’s not just about performing on the day, but the whole process and preparation leading into the Olympics. It’s a journey and it’s not easy to get right!  Personally, my biggest achievement was to be the first woman to perform the quad twisting triple somersault. I did it in the final in Sochi, and although I missed the landing, it will always be a ground breaking moment in the history of aerial skiing.

How did your life change after these achievements?
The things I have achieved have all been long-term goals which have taken many years of hard work and preparation. To finally have them realised is a very special moment and they have given me wonderful memories. I feel more fulfilled as a person, although that doesn’t stop me from wanting to challenge myself more!

Where and how are you spending most of your time during the off-season?
At the beach, surfing and working on my business. I like to keep fit and practice yoga, running and going to the gym.

If you could go for a swim anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and why?
Bora Bora, Tahiti. It is picture-perfect and just beautiful.

What is your goal for the next season?
I'm having a break to spend time with my family and also to work on my business BodyICE. I also do quite a bit of guest speaking for corporations and schools and I’m currently having fun with a TV presenter course. Life is never dull and there are always new challenges!

How important is it for you to prepare for your life after sports?
I’ve had a lot of injuries in my sport and there is a lot of risk involved, so I’ve always taken life after sport quite seriously. I studied and completed a university degree online as well started my business basically from my laptop whilst travelling the world! I’ve always found it good to have a balance of sport and work/study on the side. It’s a healthy distraction and sets you up for the future.

What advice would you give to fellow athletes?

Enjoy the athlete life for as long as you can! In my opinion, it’s the best job in the world and one I wish I could do forever. However, it’s important to set yourself before you transition into a more ‘normal life’ and think about the future ahead.

Last but not least, which person has inspired you the most in your life and why?
There hasn’t been one person. There have been many. In sport, I’m inspired by the male athletes and have always wanted to jump like them. They still inspire me today.

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