Wallace sustains severe injury

17 August 2017 20:14
A skier trains in Mettmennstetten
A skier trains in Mettmennstetten -
Swiss Ski

As Swiss Ski reports in a media release, British aerial specialist Lloyd Wallace sustained a severe head injury during a training accident in Mettmenstetten, Switzerland.

The incident occurred when the 22-year-old athlete fell in the in-run for a big jump and crashed on the table.

Wallace, the 2015 Junior World Championships Bronze medallist was given first aid at site and flown to the Uniklinik Zurich by helicopter.

The young athlete is in light coma but stable. He was awake Thursday evening for a short time. He showed first smaller moves. Further positive signs give reason to breathe a first sigh of relief. However, a more detailed prognosis can't be expected before mid of next week.

“The whole situation is hard on us as Lloyd Wallace was part of a combined training group with the Swiss Ski team. Our thoughts are with Lloyd and his family,” said Christoph Perreten, Head of Freestyle Swiss Ski.