Young Swiss team wants to prove that hard summer work was worth it

10 December 2013 17:02
Marco Tadé and his team mates hope for a good start in the season
Marco Tadé and his team mates hope for a good start in the season -
Nicola Demaldi

Seven months of blood, sweat and tears are history. Now it's time for a young Swiss mogul team to reap the fruits of its labour.

Coming from a summer training on water ramps in Tenero, Switzerland, going straight into an on-snow month in Australia and back to the Swiss glacier world in Zermatt for three months, everyone is pumped to get back into competition mode again.

To be well-prepared, the four-head roster has been training on the venue site at the Ruka and Pyhä Ski Resorts over the past week, where the season's first World Cup contest is scheduled for December 14.

World Cup Coach Fred Weiss said: “We have been able to train on the World Cup hill. We were aiming to adjust the skiers run to the conditions in Ruka and work on the last bits regarding acrobatics technique and speed in order to be ready for the World Cup opener on Saturday.”

Four Swiss skiers will compete: 16-year-old Nicole Gasparini, 18-year-old Marco Tadé, 18-year-old Tristano Martini and Lorenz Hilpert who is the veteran of the squad with 28 years of age.

The team's main goal for the season is, besides a good start in the winter, to qualify at least on skier for Sochi.

“It will be hard to achieve as our national requirements are tough but doable,” explained Andrea Rinaldi, Head Coach Moguls at Swiss-Ski.

“The whole team has worked fine in the off-season. Now it's time to give 100% and to trust in oneself. I hope that the results will follow”, added Weiss.