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Skis: Salomon
Bindings: Salomon
Boots: Salomon
Ski Club: Funaesdalens Slk
  • Though he has only three full FIS Freestyle ski cross World Cup seasons under his belt, his performance in 2012-13 suggests that 23 year old Victor Oehling Norberg is ready to step up and lead a Swedish team that shows all kinds of raw talent and promise but which may be limited by experience.

    Victor has come up under the mentorship of Lars Lewen, a veteran of 65 World Cup races with 10 career podiums who is very much still in the hunt on the World Cup tour. However, at 38 years old, Lewen may be entering the twilight of his career, which is why the emergence of Victor as a top-level ski cross threat couldn't come at a better time for the Swedes.

    Victor isn't the kind of racer with whole lot to say off the course. He's reserved, stoic even - with the  smooth, fluid skiing style to reflect that - and so when he's not putting up the kind of top-tier results that force him into the spotlight, it can be easy to miss him both and off the course.

    Which is to say that, up until 2012-13, you could be forgiven for not noticing him.

    However, in 2012-13 the ski cross world was forced to stand up and recognize Victor's emerging talent. He claimed the first podium of his career at Innichen/San Candido in December with a 3rd-place finish amidst a smattering of early season results that saw him hovering in the 10-20 rank in nearly every race.

    Then, with four races left, Victor found another gear, closing the season out with three more podiums and four top-10 results and rapidly moving up the ski cross World Cup leader board to finish the season ranked 3rd overall behind only the Swiss duo of Alex Fiva and Armin Niederer.

    In that end of season push, Victor also manged to claim his first ever victory on the FIS Freestyle ski cross World Cup tour, in what was easily the biggest non-World Championships race of the season, at the Olympic test event in Sochi, RUS.

    Racing on what was an almost exact representation of what the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games ski cross course is going to look like, Victor was able to fight off challenges from ski cross heavyweights like Chris Del Bosco (CAN) and the above-mentioned Fiva on a big, technical, and thrilling course to lay claim to a victory that, while it may not bring with it a gold medal, certainly brings bragging rights and the kind of mental advantage that nobody else on tour can lay claim to.

    With the test event victory in his back pocket and some of the strongest momentum on tour behind him, Victor Oehling Norberg may be sitting in a very good position to make a splash for Sweden at Sochi 2014.


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1609625.01.2014Ski CrossKreischbergAUTWorld Cup17140.00
1609524.01.2014Ski CrossKreischbergAUTQualification330.00
1608817.01.2014Ski CrossVal ThorensFRAWorld Cup2800.00
1608716.01.2014Ski CrossVal ThorensFRAWorld Cup3600.00
1608615.01.2014Ski CrossVal ThorensFRAQualification522.50
1606222.12.2013Ski CrossInnichen/San CandidoITAWorld Cup6400.00
1606121.12.2013Ski CrossInnichen/San CandidoITAWorld Cup8320.00
1606020.12.2013Ski CrossInnichen/San CandidoITAQualification330.00
1605515.12.2013Ski CrossVal ThorensFRAWorld Cup2800.00
1605414.12.2013Ski CrossVal ThorensFRAQualification291.80
1604707.12.2013Ski CrossNakiskaCANWorld Cup18130.00

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