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Languages: English
Occupation: Athlete
Marital Status: Single
Hobbies: skating, running, reading, relaxing in the sunshine
Ski Club: BC Ski Cross
National Coach: Eric Archer
  • Growing up with parents who both worked as part-time ski instructors at Whistler Blackcomb Mountains, Marielle Thompson was clicking in to a pair of skis from the moment she could walk, and from the minute she could turn she could turn she was ripping her way around expansive terrain surrounding her home town.

    Joining the Whistler Mountain Ski Club ranks at age 11, Marielle raced competitively in alpine up until the time she was 16, when a friend convinced her to take part in a recreational ski cross race at Blackcomb. Dropping in on a cross course in head-to-head competition against her friends changed Marielle's perception of what ski racing could be, and she was hooked. Fast forward five years, and it's clear that a champion was awakened on that day at Blackcomb.

    Making her way through the BC Ski Cross program to the NorAm circuit,  Marielle ended up winning the NorAm title in her first season, thus earning herself a spot on the World Cup tour. Her first year on the World Cup showed much promise, with a then 18-year-old Thompson finishing in the points in every event and registering several top 10 results.

    However, it was her next season, in 2011/12, that Marielle went from being a promising youngster to being the best in the world, scoring six podiums, three victories, and the 2012 crystal globe for being the top lady on the Audi ski cross tour.

    Marielle salvaged a somewhat disappointing 2012/13 season by taking second place at the Olympic test event in Sochi (RUS) followed by another second at the last race of the year in Are (SWE). She then carried that momentum into 2013/14, winning the first race of the year on home soil in Nakiska (CAN), winning again at Val Thorens (FRA) on 17 Jan 2014, and scoring at least a top 5 result in every race through to the end of the Olympic qualification period.

    Then, at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, Marielle put on a dominant performance at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games to claim gold for Canada.

    She went on to close out the season with one of the most remarkable moments of the 2013/14 Audi ski cross World Cup campaign, passing rival Fanny Smith (SUI) halfway through the final heat of the final race and then holding on for the win. It was a make-or-break moment: Smith and Marielle had been neck-and-neck in the race for top ski cross honours all season. With a single pass, Marielle was able to win the race and win her second crystal globe in three seasons.

    Possessing one of the most natural, composed styles on the Audi ski cross World Cup tour, Marielle makes anything she does on a ski cross course look like the easiest thing in the world. Whether it's her nearly unbeatable starts, her superior gliding skills, her 'froggy-style' jump-taking technique, or her deceptively crisp turns, Marielle races ski cross like she was born to do it. Which, really, she was.

Latest World Cup Results

1609625.01.2014Ski CrossKreischbergAUTWorld Cup3600.00
1609524.01.2014Ski CrossKreischbergAUTQualification425.00
1608817.01.2014Ski CrossVal ThorensFRAWorld Cup11000.00
1608716.01.2014Ski CrossVal ThorensFRAWorld Cup4500.00
1608615.01.2014Ski CrossVal ThorensFRAQualification425.00
1606222.12.2013Ski CrossInnichen/San CandidoITAWorld Cup2800.00
1606121.12.2013Ski CrossInnichen/San CandidoITAWorld Cup5450.00
1606020.12.2013Ski CrossInnichen/San CandidoITAQualification150.00
1605515.12.2013Ski CrossVal ThorensFRAWorld Cup5450.00
1605414.12.2013Ski CrossVal ThorensFRAQualification1013.00
1604707.12.2013Ski CrossNakiskaCANWorld Cup11000.00

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