• Audi SX World Cup leaders Marielle Thompson and Dave Duncan

    It's tight at the top as Audi ski cross World Cup hits Are, ...

  • The Audi ski cross World Cup podium at Arosa, SUI

    Fiva and Gjefsen win in Arosa, Smith takes second

  • Sanna Luedi (SUI) leads Marielle Thompson (CAN) in Sochi 2014 competition

    Audi ski cross World Cup back at it in Arosa, SUI

  • Ladies 2014 Olympic Ski Cross podium with 2nd Kelsey Serwa (CAN), 1st Marielle Thompson and 3rd Anna Holmlund (AUT)

    Canadian 1-2-punch in ladies Olympic ski cross race

  • Marielle Thompson (CAN) hopes to keep the momentum in Sochi

    Thompson the tentative favourite in ladies ski cross

  • The finalists of the Kreischberg World Cup

    Ophelie David and Alex Fiva clinch last pre-Olympic Ski ...