Austrians go nuts at wild water rodeo

21 June 2016 09:31
Led by the kayak school 'Kayaktiv', the Austrian skiers mastered the wild water task
Led by the kayak school 'Kayaktiv', the Austrian skiers mastered the wild water task -

Last week, the Austrian ski cross team set its wits to the element water undergoing a training camp in Enns valley, Styria.

Head coach Gerald Posch's fosterlings were asked to paddle down the river Enns from Schladming to Aich-Assach in a kayak after having had an intense instruction.

Due to last week's heavy rain falls in Austria, the river currently carries a lot of water which made the task even harder.

Nevertheless, Katrin Ofner, Christina Staudinger, Christoph Wahrstoetter, Daniel Traxler, Johannes Rohrweck, Adam Kappacher, Fabian Huber as well as junior world champion Sandro Siebenhofer accepted the challenge and succeeded.

Adam Kappacher in action

“Besides kayaking being a pretty good training for the arms and upper body it's also a good work out to school one's sense of balance. Our approach was to use use our World Cup routine every day.

We first checked the course to find out the crucial spots, and then we took it step by step.

And sometimes you had to overcome your weaker self, just like during winter time when you sometimes have to face some pretty scary big jumps,” explained Posch who was accompanied by new staff member Fritz Mayerhofer.

The 40-year-old joined the OESV trainer team lately after having been responsible for the Russian team before.

While the team had the chance to get to know Mayerhofer a little bit better, skiers like Thomas Harasser, Andreas Matt and Thomas Zangerl will join the squad for the season preps soon while world champion Andrea Limbacher is still focusing on her rehabilitation training coming back from a knee injury.