ÖSV Team kicks off World Championships preparations

06 June 2014 17:12
Katrin Ofner works on the balance
Katrin Ofner works on the balance -

The Austrian Ski Cross team has started its training preparations for the up-coming season which will have its highlight in January 2015 with the first ever combined FIS Freestyle Ski & Snowboard World Championships.

Head Coach Gerold Posch came up with a programme rich in variety for his proteges on the Salzstiegl in Styria.

The trainings group consisted of Andrea Limbacher, Katrin Ofner, Christina Staudinger, Daniel Riegler, Johannes Rohrweck, Robert Winkler and Marcus Zechner.

All athletes went for a 80 km long mountain bike tour which was peppered with some 2,400 metres of altitude.

But it was not only the climbing which challenged the skiers, also a trial workshop was a real test for the sense of balance.

“We worked a lot on the stamina and endurance. In addition, six hours of mountain biking is more fun if you do it in a group. The trial work helps to adapt to the terrain, something we have to do all winter long,” Posch said.

While some athletes like Andy Matt were exempt from the session, some others were back to business again. One of them: Katrin Ofner who had suffered a meniscus injury at the Kreischberg race.

“It's not a big deal,” she said. “But I had to take it easy over the past weeks so it's good to be back in full trainings mode.”