Historic ski photo

FIS was founded on the 18th of February in 1910 when 22 delegates from 10 countries joined together to form in the International Ski Federation. Today the organisation makes up more than 50% of the Olympic Winter Games.

Old skis

In a cave in the north of Russia can be found what is probably the oldest wall painting in the world representing a skier. Its age? Beyond doubt, several thousands of years! This is where the very long history of snow sports begins.

Gian Franco Kasper

Ivar Holmqvist, Nicolai Ramm Ostgaard, Marc Hodler and current president Gian Franco Kasper are the four men in the entire history of FIS to serve as the organisation's president.

Sarah Lewis 2016

FIS has had seven Secretaries General in its nearly 100-year history of the position. Current FIS Secretary General Sarah Lewis was appointed to her position in 2000.


FIS is dedicated to safeguarding the spirit and evolution of snow sports and their contribution to history. 


There are currently 31 official FIS Ski Museums around the world from 13 countries which are devoted to skiing's history.