Athletes' Commission


Find out more about the purpose and focus of the Athletes' Commission

FIS athletes have their own Commission whose role is to make sure their interests are protected. The FIS Athletes’ Commission is dedicated to raising the level of FIS sports from an athlete's perspective to mutually benefit sponsors, Organisers, athletes and FIS alike.

Firstly established in 1999, the Athletes’ Commission, whose purpose it is to discuss and address issues concerning athletes in general, is the link between active athletes and FIS’ advisory and decision-making bodies.

The Commission meets once per year, meanwhile, its members are involved in FIS’ main Committees and Working Groups. Since summer 2014, the Commission is also represented on the FIS Council with an observer position.

Meanwhile, the Athletes’ Commission works in liaison with the IOC Athletes’ Commission in addition to individual National Ski Associations and their athlete representatives.

To contact the FIS Athletes’ Commission send an email to: