Congress Information

1st Christiania (NOR) 1910

1st International Ski Congress: 18th February 1910 – Christiania (NOR)

The first International Ski Congress was held in Christiania, Norway, in February 1910 with 22 delegates from 10 countries.

When the Norwegian Ski Association was being set up in 1908, the possibility of founding an International Federation was raised. The following year, on 2nd February 1909, during international skiing competitions at Morez (FRA), the trainer for the Norwegian skiers, Durban Hansen, spoke up during the distribution of prizes and issued an invitation on behalf of his National Association to those present to attend a Ski Congress at Christiania with the aim of setting up this International Federation. Officials and competitors from France, Italy and Switzerland enthusiastically applauded this invitation. Two months later a written confirmation was sent to the responsible authorities in eleven countries where the sport of skiing was practised. This text stipulated:

“Over the last ten years, we have noted a keen interest in developing the sport of skiing in many countries. We therefore believe that the time has come to found an International Ski Federation with a view to establishing approved rules for Jumping and to find the best way to resolve the problems of the amateur. We are convinced that the delegates from the different countries would like to see the competitions at Holmenkollen. Thus we propose to organise the Ski Congress within the context of the competitions. . .”

Delegates from ten nations agreed to attend. On 18th February 1910, Karl Roll, President of the Norwegian Ski Association, welcomed them at Christiania, and then chaired the debates. The discussions ended with the setting up of an International Ski Commission (CIS). A major task was entrusted to this Commission – the establishment and application of a set of rules for each type of ski competition. Karl Roll, declined the offer to be the first Chairman of the Commission, for private reasons.

Amongst the delegates was future IOC President, J. Sigfrid Edström.