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Eduardo Roldán

Eduardo Roldán High Def

Eduardo Roldán Osés (*1943) has been a member of the FIS Council since 2006. He served as President of the Royal Spanish Winter Sports Federation from 2002 - 2014.

A holder of a business degree, Mr. Roldán is Managing Director of the Candanchu Ski Resort. He also served as President of the Executive Commission of the Jaca 2014 Committee.

Mr. Roldán is a certified ski teacher, enthusiastic alpine skier and tennis player, as well as having been a ski racer in his youth. He resides in Candanchu, in the northern province of Huesca located only 1 km from the French-Spanish border in the middle of the Aragonese Pyrenees. Mr. Roldán is single.

Eduardo Roldan (SPA)
FIS Council Member since 2006