Development Programme

FIS Development Programme

The FIS Aid & Promotion Programme for Developing Ski Nations was established following the decision by the 1996 FIS Congress in Christchurch (NZE) that the election of FIS World Championships Organisers would be delegated to the FIS Council and that each Candidate would pay a registration fee that would be used for the development of skiing. The Aid & Promotion programme then got under way in 1997/98, funded by the World Championship Candidates fees.

More than 15 years later, at its Meetings during the FIS Congress 2012 in Kangwonland (KOR), the Council decided to connect the Aid & Promotion Programme with FIS Solidarity Support so that there is a better coordination between these two areas and to avoid the overlapping of activities. A Council working group was appointed to undertake this project, and the programme encompassing both of these components has been re-named the FIS Development Programme (FDP). The valuable work of the Aid & Promotion working group over many years, and in particular the work of Paul Michaelidis, Joseph Meiner and Sung-Won Lee who have been involved with the programme since its outset in 1999, has been recognised and the Council’s working group will continue to draw on their experience moving forward.

The scope of the programme is designed to improve  developing ski nations’ own knowledge and competences, and two experts from the FIS Development Programme member National Ski Associations; Paul Michaelidis and Dan Mihoc were appointed by the Council to serve as advisors in the working group. Professional support for the organisation of the activities is handled through the FIS Office and by the appointed experts arranging the training camps and other activities.

FIS Development Programme Activities 2015

  • FDP Leaders’ Seminar - organised by the FIS Office and Josef Zenhäusern
  • FDP Youth & Children’s Seminar 2015 - will take place during the FIS Autumn Meetings in Zürich (SUI)
  • FDP Nordic Training Camps - organised by Sandro Pertile in cooperation with the FIS Office and the FIS Nordic Race Directors
  • FDP Alpine Training Camps - organised by Markus Malsiner in cooperation with the FIS Office and Janez Fleré, FIS Alpine Technical Coordinator
  • FDP Freestyle Skiing & Snowboarding Training Camps - organised by Martijn Oostdijk with the FIS Office and the FIS Freestyle Skiing and Snowboard Race Directors
  • FIS Solidarity - managed by Josef Zenhäusern and coordinated by the FIS Office
  • Free Training Days - provided by the World Ski Championships Organisers/Candidates and coordinated by the FIS Office.
FIS Development Programme Nordic Training Camp


FIS Leaders' Seminar 2015

Leaders' Seminar 2015 Programme

Leaders' Seminar 2015 - Doppelmayr Garaventa

Leaders' Seminar 2015 - MND Financing for sports infrastructures

Leaders' Seminar 2015 - Looking for a Sponsor

Leaders' Seminar 2015 - EU Sport Policy

Leaders' Seminar 2015 - Sarah Lewis

Leaders’ Seminar 2015 - Survey Analysis


FIS Youth & Children's Seminar 2015

Youth & Children's Seminar 2015 Programme

'Ethical use of social media' by Walter Fust, President of

'The power of social media' by Martin Kaswurm, Director Chaka2

Workshop - Facebook by Andrew Cholinski

Workshop - YouTube by Mateusz Kielpinski

Workshop - Instagram and Twitter by Silke Tegetof

'Opportunities and Risks' by Charlotte Aynsley, Director E-­‐safety

'Bring Children to the Snow Update' by Andrew Cholinski, FIS Bring Children to the Snow Coordinator

'' by Tanja Frieden, President Schneesportinitiative Schweiz