• Cross-country coach Jochen Strobl with Lukas Klapfer and Bernhard Gruber

    First snow contact for Austrian team

    While the summer temperatures are back in Europe, the Austrian team escaped the heat with a training camp in Oberhof which featured cross-country training in the ski tunnel as well as jumping sessions on the newly overhauled hills in Oberhof. The annual camp has become a tradition for the Austrian team, head coach Christoph Eugen is heading towards the „winter in summer“ almost every year. The ski tunnel offers a total lap length of 1,75 km, a height difference of about 50 metres and constant temperatures of -3 till -5°C.

  • Cheyenne Loch did present the German Championship Shield prior to the Supercup final

    Special honour for Cheyenne Loch

    The young racer was one of three German sport talents to present the trophies prior to the Supercup final

  • Nicolien Sauerbreij had a lot of moments to cheer in her more than 20 years lasting career

    Nicolien Sauerbreij – I never expected a career like this

    While the alpine snowboarders are currently going big in Japan with two races this weekend, the circuit will miss one rider who won the last pgs staged in the land of the rising sun: Nicolien Sauerbreij (NED). The 2010 Olympic champion recently retired - reason enough for us to talk to her. 

  • Anke Karstens faces a new weight

    Snowboard Germany goes CrossFit

    The German raceboarders have been training at CrossFit Rosenheim to break ...

  • Skiing in Ushuaia

    Conditions have been the best they have been in 15 years. There are over 30 KMs ...