• Haavard Klemetsen

    "I can be a kind of a joker!"

    That Norway’s Håvard Klemetsen is an athlete to be reckoned with at his advanced age of 36 was clear after an overall rank six after the season 2014/15, the best position of the strong Norwegian team. But also during this summer, Klemetsen does not show any signs of slowing down: coming in first at the summer nationals, his aspirations for the upcoming winter are clear: shine with ski jumping strength, surprise with cross-country performance. TUESDAY TALK caught up with the veteran and also talked about rule changes and the development of the sport.

  • Nick Fairall working with trainer Jack Powell

    Nick Fairall wants to ski jump again

    Nine months after his fall in the qualification for the final event of the 4-Hills-Tournament in Bischofshofen, where he suffered a serious spinal injury, Nick Fairall continues to work towards his big goal in rehabilitation.

  • Nicolien Sauerbreij had a lot of moments to cheer in her more than 20 years lasting career

    Nicolien Sauerbreij – I never expected a career like this

    While the alpine snowboarders are currently going big in Japan with two races this weekend, the circuit will miss one rider who won the last pgs staged in the land of the rising sun: Nicolien Sauerbreij (NED). The 2010 Olympic champion recently retired - reason enough for us to talk to her.