• Lukas Greiderer on the way to the top

    „Now I know that I can reach the top!“

    With a third place in the Continental Cup 2013/14 overall under his belt, Austrian youngster Lukas Greiderer is not a stranger to dedicated Nordic Combined fans but many of the Summer Grand Prix spectators and present media representatives will have been rubbing their eyes when the 21-year-old set course for the podium in the 2-jumps, 15 km Final Individual Gundersen event in Oberstdorf - and conquered the third place in the end.

  • Marlies Schild

    Marlies Schild says goodbye

    In her 16 years with the Austrian national team, 13 of which racing World Cup Marlies Schild won seven World Championship medals, four Olympic ones, achieved an impressive 37 World Cup and five Overall discipline victories. But today, at the age of 33, the most successful slalom skier in history announced that as of today her career as a professional athlete would be coming to an end.