• Manuel Osborne Paradis

    What do ski racers wear under their suits?

    Inside Ski Racing provides fans with a better understanding of the sport of skiing and gives them a glimpse into the world of the athletes who excel at it.

  • First snow in Ushuaia

    Snow comes to the southernmost city of the world

    The first significant snowfall of the austral autumn left 40 cm of snow in Ushuaia and 70 cm on the Cross-Country trails of the Francisco Jerman Nordic Ski Area and in the Valley of Tierra Mayor

  • Nicolien Sauerbreij had a lot of moments to cheer in her more than 20 years lasting career

    Nicolien Sauerbreij – I never expected a career like this

    While the alpine snowboarders are currently going big in Japan with two races this weekend, the circuit will miss one rider who won the last pgs staged in the land of the rising sun: Nicolien Sauerbreij (NED). The 2010 Olympic champion recently retired - reason enough for us to talk to her.