13th FIS Youth and Children's Seminar Zurich, Switzerland 2015

06 October 2015 07:45

The goal of the 13th Youth and Children's Seminar was to look at how to use social media to person benefit. The seminar went into looking at what social media is, how it can be used ethically and how can dangers of social media can be avoided.

A key part of this year seminar were the workshops. Lead by the FIS Media Coordinators each of the three sessions gave participants and insight into the major social media platforms. Covering Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, tips and tricks were provided for using these platforms effictively. Participants said this was the best part of the Seminar as it gave practical information

This years Seminar saw the largest in the events history. We look forward to an even larger seminar next year and hope you can join us.


2015 Programme

Youth & Children's Seminar 2015 Programme


2015 Presentations

'Ethical use of social media' by Walter Fust, President of globalethics.net

'The power of social media' by Martin Kaswurm, Director Chaka2

Workshop - Facebook by Andrew Cholinski

Workshop - YouTube by Mateusz Kielpinski

Workshop - Instagram and Twitter by Silke Tegetof

'Opportunities and Risks' by Charlotte Aynsley, Director E-­‐safety

'Bring Children to the Snow Update' by Andrew Cholinski, FIS Bring Children to the Snow Coordinator

'gosnow.ch' by Tanja Frieden, President Schneesportinitiative Schweiz