Athletes‘ Commission Member Alessandro Pittin in interview

25 June 2014 17:34
Alessandro Pittin (ITA)
Alessandro Pittin (ITA) -
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While training was on the schedule for his teammates in early June, Alessandro Pittin had a different focus. The 24-year-old is Nordic Combined's representative on the Athletes' Commission and attended the FIS Congress in Barcelona (SPA). FIS took the opportunity to interview him.

You just attended your first FIS Congress as a member of the Athletes' Commission. How was your experience?

During my first year as a member of the Athletes' Commission in 2013, I was active in my role but was not able to attend any meetings due to my schedule. In Barcelona, I met the members of the Commission in person and attended the Nordic Combined Committee meeting. It was really interesting to see how it all works inside FIS.  

What were the main issues you talked about in the Athletes' Commission?

I think we had a very good meeting. First we talked about what was done in the past season in each discipline. Then we heard about other initiatives including FIS Anti-Doping and Bring Children to the Snow.

We also discussed reaching important goals such as voting rights on the main discipline Committees and an observer seat on the FIS Council.

As an athlete representative, how do you see your role?

I see my role as the connection between the athletes and the Race Director, jury and Organisers. I gather feedback from my colleagues, report it to the officials and vice versa. In addition, I am conducting an Athletes’ Survey to get feedback from the athletes on issues pertinent to them such as safety or general race organisation.

What did you learn from the Nordic Combined Committee meeting?

For me personally, the meeting has been very interesting and a learning experience. I was able to talk to our Race Director Lasse Ottesen who has an open ear for us. For athletes, it is important to have a good relationship with the Race Director and to understand how the decision-making process works in order to make recommendations on issues pertinent to us.

Furthermore, I was happy to hear that the Athletes‘ Survey was very well received and is seen as an important step forward. We will be proceeding with this project in the coming season.

Aside from the meetings, how is your training this summer?

I just completed my second training camp and am really satisfied with my jumps. I also think my physical shape is at a good stage at the moment. The 2015 FIS World Championships in Falun (SWE) are one of my major goals. I ranked third in the test competitions there and hope this will help me deliver my best in 2015!