AUDI FIS Ski Cross World Cup in Innichen is good to go

09 December 2011 09:28

The AUDI FIS Ski Cross World Cup opener next weekend (17th and 18th December) in San Candido is secured. Due to the warm winter Europe has currently experienced and lack of snow, it was a question of whether or not Innichen San Candido could manage to hold the event. Low temperatures the last couple of days which allowed the Organizers to produce plenty of artificial snow, combined with some natural snow, FIS was happy to give them the green light for the "Ski Rodeo" in South Tyrol next weekend.

"After a long preparation we can not wait for the World Cup season to start already. We are really looking forward to it, and more motivated than ever, to fight against our competitors and to find out who the best ones are," a highly excited Andy Matt says days before the season opener. The 29-year-old has with his overall World Cup victory in 2010/11 ensured that the red-white-red ski cross team (AUT) can start with eight athletes in the Ski Cross World Cup this year, one more than the normal quota of seven.