Australia, maybe next year?

17 August 2011 15:34

As I’m writing this, my teammate are about to take the plane that will take them to Australia. As for me, I’m heading to the gym. I’m sad I’ll be missing this training camp, but I think it’s for the best. When I saw another doctor just a few days after I got home from Whistler, he was telling me how confident he was about me missing on this camp and just trying to get stronger and be ready for the first World cup in Finland (in 114days!). The doctor that I saw happened to have the same injury as me but in way worst. So I was pretty sure he knew what it felt like. Honestly, I wasn’t excited about the idea of sitting in a plane for over 20 hours. I think it  would have been really hard on my body.

So since my back injury in March, I’ve been in slow motion, doing my rehab. Nothing exciting, nothing too crazy. I’m slowly making progress.

This summer though, while I was in Whistler, I coached a little bit for Momentum camp. It was good to teach the campers what I know about mogul skiing. It was a great experience and I was happy I had a little bit of time to do it.

For the next month, it’s gonna be the same plan. But I’ll be training in the gym all week. I’ll be working out with the aerial team 2 times\week, which is pretty exciting because I’m usually working out by myself. I hope this will give me more motivation and energy. I’ll be doing the usual physio\massage therapy and also I’ll be working with a new sports psychologist. Since I can’t be working on my skills on the slope, I’ll be preparing my head for the upcoming season. I hope I can find some tools to help me be more confident on the ski hill.

Also, fingers crossed that I’ll have the ”okay” to water ramp at the end of September right before going (hopefully) to Zermatt, Switzerland for another on snow camp.

I’m really sorry I’ve made a really poor job at updating my blog. I’ll try to give you a little more news from now on.

Thanks for reading,