Austrian ski cross team tries new sports

28 July 2011 09:02

Austria's ski cross team completed a varied training week at the Aqua Dome in Längenfeld. In addition to roller-skating on the Rettenbachferner, Andi Matt & Co tried out climbing and gymnastics.

First test was to climb the "Rettenbachferner" - a fairly steep and challenging mountain pass. This pass needed to be climbed on inline skates however, something quite different than race skies. Halfway, Andreas Matt broke his pole, this didn't stop him to reach his goal however. By simply taking off his shoes, Matt continued climbing the pass barefoot. "Why not, the asphalt is great" Matt said acting as nothing special had happened. The winner of the day was Florian Stengg with the final time of 1 hour and 45 minutes. Katrin Ofner on the other hand was happy to finally make it to the top.


Florian Stengg und Patrick Koller on their way up the Rettenbachferner

(Foto: Andreas Ehrensberger)

In the mid-week the ski cross team went to Innsbruck, where they worked on their body control with instructors.  During the weekend, they filled up their endurance again, as the entire national team and the A-squad - just like ski racer Hannes Reichelt - attended the Trumer Triathlon  at the start. 

Patrick Koller demonstrates a perfekt stretch. (Foto: Markus Wittner)


Source: ÖSV