Breanna Stangeland and Clemens Schattschneider top qualifiers

25 February 2011 23:26

Stangeland, a 22-years-old girl who competed in her second World Cup today, took the women’s top spot with 21.7 points by throwing in a backside lip slide over the stairs, a backside 180 over a hip, a switch backside boardslide, 270 on 270 off, a 50-50 method over the up-poll as well as backside 360 stale to method air and backside 360 indy in the kicker section.

Breanna will face her team mate Brooke Voigt, Pia Meusburger from Austria and US riders Serena Shaw, Allyson Carroll and Mikaela Casey in the ladies final scheduled for tomorrow morning.

On the men’s side, Clemens Schattschneider was the outstanding snowboarder rocking the slopestyle course.

Austria’s rising star led the pack with 26 points after he killed it at Canada Olympic Park with cab 270 on the downrail to a 360 on the Oakley-O, frontside boardslide 270 off, 270 on 270 off as well as backside 900 mute to switch backside 900 to frontside 720 melon to finish things off.

Tomorrow’s men’s final field will also feature the likes of Canada’s Robby Balharry, Julien Beaulieu, Zachary Stone, Tanner Davidson and Derek Livingston as well as Austrian’s Adrian Krainer and Michael Macho, Matthew Ladley (USA), Scott James (AUS) and Dutch riders Dolf van der Wal and Rocco van Straten.