Canadian success carried over to the women’s side

06 February 2011 08:43

Canadian success carried over to the women’s side as Groenewoud won the gold and fellow countrywoman Keltie Hansen took bronze. Breaking up the Canadian sweep was American Jen Hudak, who took bronze in the 2009 World Championship halfpipe competition.



“It feels awesome to compete for my country. I’m really proud to be a Canadian and I’m super happy with the win today,” said Groenewoud


The conditions were trying, with gusting winds and an icy pipe taxing the athletes and forcing some of them to downgrade their runs. Groenewoud earned a convincing victory, with a score of 44.70 on her second run in the best-of-two run event. Jen Hudak of the U.S. broke Canadian chances of a sweep with a score of 42.10, and Hansen scored 38.80. X Games champion Sarah Burke was fourth at 38.30.


Groenewoud, who goes by the nickname ‘Roz G’, said, “I was pretty nervous, because the last time I competed here — two years ago — I fell on my 900 (two-and-a-half rotations) and got a really bad concussion.” She added, “I was thinking about that injury way too much, so it feels good to get over that fear and put down a good run.”


Asked to explain the Canadian success at these World Championships – the country has earned six World Championship titles Groenewoud said, “I think part of our success definitely comes from the grassroots programming that exists for freestyle skiing in Canada. I started off in Wild West Freestyle in Southern Alberta learning how to jump, ski bumps and ski the whole mountain and then I graduated and earned a spot on the Alberta team, without that start, I wouldn’t be here.”