Children’s lift ticket prices

16 April 2014 22:21
Searching for lift tickets
Searching for lift tickets -

For many people snow sports can be expensive. A significant cost faced is lift ticket prices. In a move to further promote the accessibility of snow sports the Bring Children to the Snow campaign has commissioned a report on children’s lift ticket prices globally.

The report will present a summary of readily accessible information. Websites of more than 700 resorts will be examined for the cost of children’s 1 and 6 day lift passes.

A table of all the lift ticket prices will be published and is able to be updated at any time. Resorts can simply contact FIS and the information will be updated immediately. The report will be published on the World Snow Day, FIS SnowKidz and soon to be updated Bring Children to the Snow websites.

The report is set to be published towards the end of May 2014.